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Bachelorette Party: Healthy Survival Tips | Nutrition Gone Wild

5 Ways to Enjoy (and Survive) a Bachelorette Party

How to avoid weight gain (and a hangover).    

June is the most popular month to get married. So as you look at your social calendar this month it is no shock that you have a couple bachelorette parties to attend.

You and the ladies will be indulging in dinner and drinks and a whole lot of penis-shaped accessories will be in tow. But with the wedding just a couple days after the bachelorette party, how will you ensure you don’t ruin your diet or suffer an epic hangover that could potentially ruin the whole weekend?

DO NOT PANIC! You can still rage your face off with your fellow bridesmaids. We are just going to try and do it smarter. Reserve Vegas party bus, which is the top choice for your last hurrah as a bachelor.

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I mean, your friend or relative getting married is about to devote their life to one person FOREVER. I’m not suggesting that you keep it healthy by having a knitting party or some other lame ass alternative.

If you’re going to Vegas for the weekend these rules apply, but I’ll be honest, I could write a whole article on “How to survive a bachelorette weekend in Las Vegas” with a whole other set of tips…

But for just the regular weekend of partying for a bachelorette, these 5 tips should save you some pounds and a nasty headache…

Here are 5 tips to enjoy and survive bachelorette party season:

1. Don’t start your evening with a salad

Healthier Bachelorette Party | Nutrition Gone Wild


We all know that salad is the healthy dinner choice, but some lettuce and tomato in your belly before a night out on the town is just asking for trouble. Preventing the hangover starts with what you choose to eat before the party starts. Both men and alcohol like a woman who eat more than a crouton…

Consider having something at dinner that packs in some protein and a bit of fat too. Fatty foods slow the absorption of alcohol, preventing your body’s metabolism from being overwhelmed. That nasty hangover the next day is an indication of a “spillover” effect.

The second line of fire for metabolizing alcohol, acetaldehyde dehydrogenase, converts ethanol into acetaldehyde, which is toxic. This toxic substance is what make you feel so rotten the next morning. If you choose to drink at a reasonable pace and eat more substantial food you can prevent most of this.

Instead of having your favorite caesar salad, consider having some kind of lean protein like chicken or fish. If your dinner has a choice of side dishes, go for something starchy like a baked potato, brown rice, or quinoa. It is okay to insist on having some salad, just don’t make it your only meal choice.

2. Avoid those tricky mixed shots

Healthier Bachelorette Party | Nutrition Gone Wild


Bartenders are no stranger to bachelorette parties. Most have an arsenal of mixed shot recipes in the back of their minds just for this special occasion. And you know you have that one bridesmaid in the pack who just loves ordering everyone a round of shots…

So what is the problem with those pretty pink shots that taste like candy? They taste like candy because they are so sugary! This is a huge no-no. Sugar is a one-way ticket to hangover town the next day.

Consuming large amounts of sugar can have some of the same negative effects on your kidneys, liver, and intestine. The combination of alcohol and sugar can take your body on a wild ride causing headaches, bloating, acne breakouts, and emotional distress. So why add all the additional sugar when you are already boozing it up?

When choosing a drink, choose cocktails without simple syrup. Vodka sodas, greyhounds, and the classic martini don’t have the added sugar like most frilly drinks. If you want some more ideas about what to order at the bar to keep it healthy and low-sugar, check out my article about healthy cocktails.

If you must take shots (which I would advise against), go ahead and go for the straight alcohol rather than the mixed variety. Vodka and tequila contain less congeners than their darker counterparts. Congeners are thought to cause some of the hangover symptoms we all know and hate, like nausea, headache, and fatigue. 

3. Keep healthy munchies in your purse

Healthier Bachelorette Party | Nutrition Gone Wild


You went to a nice dinner with all your girls before the bars, but now you are suddenly craving something to eat. Drunk munchies are hard to fight when the drinks are flowing and the smell of fried bar food is emanating from the back kitchen. So how do you deal with the unavoidable desire to stuff your face while inebriated?

When you pack your clutch for the evening, add a granola bar or small bag of mixed nuts. When you find yourself having the internal struggle over whether to order the cheese fries or not, grab your snack. If post healthy snack you still can’t help but dream of ordering some food, go for something of the non-fried and non-processed variety. The greasy food won’t do you any good, so don’t try and rationalize with your drunk self… 

But, if you fail (and I know we all have at some point), it’s ok. Just make sure you’re equipped with the knowledge of how to order healthier items at your favorite food places. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Here’s the list in case you need to brush up on your healthy ordering skills:






Now you’re all set!

4. Water, water, water!

Healthier Bachelorette Party | Nutrition Gone Wild


If there is an enemy #1 when it comes to hangovers, it is dehydration. Alcohol’s diuretic effect, causing you to “break the seal,” is the main culprit for this dehydration.

Alcohol’s diuretic effect, causing you to “break the seal,” is the main culprit for this dehydration. For every gram of alcohol consumed, urine excretion is increased by 10 mL. And that is a lot of pee…

When out at the bar, consider double fisting drinks. By this I mean, if you have a cocktail in one hand, you should have a water in the other. Hydrating as you go throughout the night is a surefire way to prevent the next day’s headache. Thinking ahead, wherever you will be resting your head that night, leave a water bottle on your pillow to remember to drink enough water.

I know that it can be hard sometimes to drink water while boozing (believe me, there have been times when I’ve debated on whether to drink water because I didn’t want to spend my whole night waiting in the bathroom line), but having to pee is a small price to pay for the security of knowing that your hangover probably won’t be the worst.

Suck it up and down some H20. You’ll be happy you did.

5. Bedtime

Healthier Bachelorette Party | Nutrition Gone Wild


Does the fun really have to stop? I mean you can have the party go until the sun comes up, but you will run the risk of looking tired, ruining your sleep schedule, put you in a bad mood, and cause your brain to fog. The last thing you need to do the weekend of the wedding is forget something key to the wedding ceremony or look terrible in those wedding photos that will last a lifetime.

You will have plenty of more time to hang with your girls at the rehearsal dinner and wedding reception, so don’t go full super nova at the bachelorette party. Before drinks are being sipped, contemplate discussing a time in which everyone agrees it’s time to wind down. Have someone set an alarm on their phone to remind everyone in case the shots were flowing deep and everyone forgot the responsible intentions they had earlier. The next day everyone will be thankful to be rested.

And if this advice is just unrealistic for your group of girls, make a pact with yourself that you will at least be slightly responsible and go to bed before the sun comes up. You may miss out on some of the late-night banter, but at least you’ll wake up feeling somewhat refreshed (especially if you got to claim one of the only coveted beds before blackout Betty started snoring…)

 Bachelorette Party Survival Accomplished?

Healthier Bachelorette Party | Nutrition Gone Wild


So, turns out you can survive a bachelorette party without gaining 5 lbs and suffering from a splitting headache. It just takes planning, knowledge, and mindful decision-making.

You want to make good memories with the bride-to-be and bridesmaids, not memories of a night of heavy boozing that ended in tears, vomit, and bruises. (Think of the wedding pictures!) This is a celebration of changing times and growing up, not college spring break. It’s a good idea to make healthier drinking and eating decisions so that you can function the next day, even if the wedding isn’t for a month.

Your friends are getting married. It’s time to at least pretend to be somewhat responsible… 

It’s also worth noting that these tips are not just great for a bachelorette party, but can be used on any night out.

Your healthy lifestyle doesn’t need to go out the window in order to enjoy the weekend. It may not be the picture of healthy clean eating, but being mindful of the choices you make can save you unneeded calories and an extra pound or two on the scale on Monday. In fact, being mindful might save you more than just calories…just something to think about!  

Have some more healthy tips for a bachelorette night or just a night out with the girls? Tweet me how you reign in your wild night out!

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Being healthy doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a good cocktail…

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Being healthy doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a good cocktail…

12 Guilt Free Cocktail Recipes with Kaitlin Cushman

Get 12 Guilt-Free Cocktail Recipes

Half the calories, all the fun.