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Eating health(ier) doesn't mean the party has to stop...

Realistic nutrition advice for party girls just like you.

Discover the balance between having fun and living healthy.

About Nutrition Gone Wild

Health(ier) eating for the social drinker.

We’ve all been there.

You’ve just finished off a gigantic, dirty burrito after a night of slinging back cocktails and dancing like a fool.

Your hands smell like stale Mexican food and you’re with a group of dudes that you barely know and the thought creeps into your head “how is this even happening right now…is this real life?”

Your stomach is starting to hurt and you suddenly wish you were at home, comfy in your bed, regretting that extra sour cream and the last shot of fireball.

You KNOW tomorrow is going to hurt, but luckily the anxiety and guilt won’t start infiltrating until much later. 

…Sound familiar?

I’ve got good news.

It doesn’t always have to end like that.

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Enter Nutrition Gone Wild:

Your judgement-free resource for health(ier) eating advice designed for the social drinker.

Sometimes, when you’re livin’ the party girl lifestyle, it can be uncomfortably easy to lose sight of health and wellness. But all party girls know that there is definitely a delicate line between looking great in that tight dress, and having a quality (drunk and yummy) night out on the town.

This blog is about understanding that making small, easy changes to your diet can actually have a dramatic effect on the quality of your life, without asking you to sacrifice the fun things that you like to do.

I’m going to give you realistic interesting and fun nutrition advice so that you can stop feeling guilty, and start making health(ier) diet decisions while maintaining your active, social routine.

This isn’t about fitness, weight loss, or some gimmicky crash diet. It’s not a huge lifestyle change. This is about how making small changes can add up to a better existence. Ready to dive in?

So Who Am I Anyway?

As a student of nutrition, (I’ve got two degrees. That’s right, two!), I’ve always had to find the balance between having the fun I need to keep me sane, and applying the food knowledge that I am now aware of, which hasn’t always been easy for me to do.

I believe in having a good time, but I know that as a female, it can be hard to reconcile the idea of fun with health. I walk that line all the time, and I believe that the best way to compromise is to make easy changes, one step at a time.

If you’re used to ordering extra sour cream in your dirty, drunk burrito, maybe skip it next time and save a few calories. If you do it once, it will be easier to do it again the next time.

Everything I talk about on my blog is about making more informed decisions when it comes to nutrition.

I want everyone to be able to understand that the small changes do add up, and that the real benefits come from eventually being able to find ways to make these small changes over and over again.

You don’t have to change your whole lifestyle to take your health in the right direction.

If you wanted to run a marathon and lose a hundred pounds, that’s an entirely different story. This will not work for you if those are your goals.

But, if you are looking to wake up feeling slightly better after a night of drinking, or you’re wondering why those pants aren’t fitting as well as they were last week, I can help you with those things.   

I’ve been living an active party lifestyle for over 7 years now. I live what I preach and I know what the fuck I’m talking about!

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